27-29 August, 2020
15th Asia's Largest Pre-owned
Machinery Expo

Pragati Maidan, New Delhi,


Key Sectors

Metal & Metal Working
As India is a cost sensitive country, the demand for used machinery in Metal and Metal Working Industry in the country is very high. The high potential of the market created a new trend of providing guarantees on used machinery. Internationally renowned big names like DMG have already started with it.
Apart from this, used machines of almost all the international companies are being imported into the country. Used machine tools form a major chunk of the machine tools market of India currently.

Machine Tools
India's total consumption of machine tools amounted to INR 103 billion. About 65 % of total consumption was met by imports of new and used machine tools. As per the industry estimates the share of used machinery in the machine tools industry sector is 40% – 45%.

Construction Machinery
The imports market for Construction Machinery Industry is estimated around € 400 - 450 million. Of these, the earthmoving, excavation and hauling equipment categories command around 25 percent.
The potential exports market for construction equipment from India is projected to be around € 75 million. Services revenues have been higher for global players at around 11–20 per cent in comparison to 2–8 per cent of Indian players.

Textile Machinery
The textile machinery industry in India is the second largest in the world.
Used textile machinery has a pretty good market share. In fact some studies have suggested that the share for used textile machinery is about 20% of the total market for textile machinery. As per industry estimates, the use of second-hand shuttle less looms constitute about 80% of equipment purchases in the textiles sector.

Printing Machinery
India is showing a growing appetite for used equipment, particularly in printing industry.
Industry Experts are of the opinion that the potential for used Machinery in Printing Industry is huge as the sector is predominantly dominated by Small and Medium Scale Enterprise which is keen to have used machinery to reduce their fixed costs.