27−29 September 2024
18th Asia's Largest Pre-owned
Machinery Expo

Yashobhoomi, Dwarka India
International Convention & Expo Centre (IICC) 

New Delhi


Partnership Opportunity
UMEX | Partnership Opportunity Teaser Banner
There are many different ways of benefiting from UMEX exhibition. If you are unable to exhibit at the show, you can increase your company exposure by becoming a sponsor of the show, advertising in the exhibition promotional material, or simply visiting the show and gaining first-hand information about the new developments on the market and latest technology achievements.

Partner of the show:

Partnership gives your company an excellent opportunity to stand out from the crowd, reinforce, enhance and establish corporate visibility amongst the targeted audience. Partnership is a perfect way to reinforce your brand message with the following benefits:

  • Enhancing your leadership status
  • Projecting a long-lasting brand image to a targeted audience
  • Continuing leadership status to the industry
  • Providing innovative solutions to the industry
  • Providing revenue generating ideas
  • Educating & inspiring targeted audience with your products and service

Advertise at UMEX:

Advertising provides your company to mark your presence at the official show catalogue and be the part of it till the following show. It is the most direct and responsive advertising platform to project your brand, deliver your marketing message and sell your services. All promotional material for UMEX is circulated amongst trade delegates, media personnel, foreign missions, Indian missions abroad etc. It is the easiest way to get noticed.

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